"You can tell how dangerous a person is by the way they hold their anger inside themselves quietly."
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my favorite thing is when someone’s in the shower and you suddenly hear a distant BANG BANG BANG CRASH and you can tell they just knocked over like all of the shampoo bottles

 #my favourite is when you hear a deep heavy sigh afterwards #or a string of curse words

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bergamot-blue: That's pretty much how we see Holland, yes ;) Tulips, windmills, bicycles, clogs ;)
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hahaha oh noes, thats bad :/

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Kamui Kobayashi - 10"My first choice was number 4, but 10 was the number i had when i made my F1 debut with Toyota"
Marcus Ericsson - 9"It’s simple, i like this number"
Sebastian Vettel - 1Michael Schumacher and Nigel Mansell were champions with number 5, but i choose it because i carried it successfully with karts, and when i won my first F1 title in 2010. But as reigning champion i will have to settle with #1
Daniel Ricciardo - 3It was my first number in karting and i am also a big fan of Nascar legend, Dale Earnhardt
Nico Rosberg - 6My father won the title with number 6
Max Chilton - 4M4X!
Kimi Raikkonen - 7There’s no particular story linked to it, it’s the number i had last year and i saw no reason to change it. I like it, which is good enough, isn’t it?
Romain Grosjean - 8My wife was born on 8 December, we started dating in 2008 and my son is the 8th wonder of the world
Sergio Perez - 11Ever since i was a kid, i always wore the 11 in karting. Actually my email has 11 in it as well. A lot of things have to do with 11, so i identified myself with that number.
Pastor Maldonado - 13i like number 13, everybody was surprised by that, because nobody used it before. In Venezuela, it’s not an unlucky number.
Fernando Alonso - 14It has been my lucky number since 1996. I was 14 on 14 July, driving kart number 14 - and i won the world championship. 
Felipe Massa - 19It was my number in karting and my uncle also used 19 when he raced
Kevin Magnussen - 20It was the same number i had last year when i won the World series by Renault title. I also had it when i won in karting too..
Jules Bianchi - 17I previously applied for 7,27,77 and didn’t get any of them. So was left with 17. 
Esteban Gutierrez - 21It has always been my fav number. It was also the age i started with F1. 
Jenson Button - 22It was the number i raced with at Brawn when i won the 2009 World Championship. 
Jean-Eric Vergne - 25I was born on 25 April. 
Daniil Kvyat - 26..and i was born on 26 April.
Nico Hulkenberg - 27So many asking why 27, it’s simple, it’s my birthday dates 19+8=27
Lewis Hamilton - 44When i started racing, my first kart had 44 on its plate. I won my first British championship with it. Fingers crossed it will bring as much luck now as it did back then
Valtteri Bottas - 77I like the twitter hastag #BO77AS
Adrian Sutil - 99The highest number that you could pick was 99, and in my life i always go for the maximum
Anonymous: Typical dutch things: Cycling, towbar with a caravan, golden carriage, orange, kingsday, stroopwafels, tulip field. Oh oh oh, something with a tulip field and Max and Giedo playing.
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Dutch enough?

Oh my god. This is amazing hahaha. So this is how the outside world thinks of/sees us? :’)


UUUUUGH, i want to sleep but I can’t leave the room. My sister forgot her key so the outside door needs to stay open. There are some burglars in the neighborhood lately, the reason why i can’t leave to my bedroom.

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Yaaaay it was awesome with ibreathformula1! Hope to see yah soon again :)
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Jaci aka flyingporsche gives the best birthday gifts everrrrr! ❤️

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Oh dear


Anonymous: do you know something about how to attend an autogram session at the united states GP?
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Oh uuhm I’m sorry anon, can’t answer that one. I think there is one on Thursday then!